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Property ID 16529798. Other information indicates that Ovidio Guzmn-Lpez has ordered the murders of informants, a drug trafficker, and a popular Mexican singer who had refused to sing at his wedding. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Companies going public in 2021 have raised record cash. Saul Romero-Rugerio remains a fugitive in this case. Ramirez Camacho was last seen in Caracas, Venezuela. Address. Join the conversation on our social media channels. He is alleged to be among the most senior leaders of MS-13 worldwide. And then there are those, who because of the dangerous world they live in, end up being killed, their body dumped, and are never heard from again. the girls alcohol, took nude and graphic photos of them, and paid them for their sexual favors. CRUZ is wanted for Wanted For Probation Violation underlying charge of Possession with Intent to Deliver Meth. The investigation led by ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Savannah led to a takedown of 15 brothels, 13 criminal arrests and the rescue of 12 victims. All mail, newspapers, magazines and books are to be shipped to the Cochise County Jail - Main Jail: For complete information on mail policies, what you can send an inmateand what address to send them, check out our, How to Send aSecure Email Message to an Inmate in Cochise County. Additional Information: Review the days, available hours and the cost of remote and on-site visits in Cochise County. Once a resident is added to the list, a daily telephone call will be made, if there is no answer after several tries, a Law Enforcement Officer will be sent . in Cochise County Jail - Main Jail check out our, How an Inmate Makes a Phone Call to You or Others from Cochise County Jail - Main Jail. Additional Information: Make sure you give the police your name so that you can claim a reward if they are caught. The Guzmn-Lpez brothers began their narcotics trafficking careers early by inheriting relationships from their deceased brother, Edgar Guzmn-Lpez. Within the Inmate Search Jail Listing you will find details such as their bond amount, criminal charges and mugshots, when available. Undeveloped. Or it could be a young female teacher who had a crush on a teenage boy and sent him nude images. Wanted for: Felony Murder, Felony Cruelty to Children, Wanted for: Criminal Homicide, Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Conspiracy, Wanted for: Murder (First Degree Premeditated Murder with a Weapon), Wanted for: Murder, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Wanted for: Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of a Child. Cochise County Most Wanted City of Douglas Accident Reports . He previously served as Governor of Venezuela's Aragua state from 2012 to 2017, as well as Venezuela's Minister of Interior and Justice starting in 2008. NOTE: There may be a limit on how much product you can send your inmate in Cochise County at any one time. Since every person has the right to a speedy trial, within 90 days according to the law, the courts would have no option but to release everyone arrested except for the most violent of offenders. NOTE: All visits are recorded and whatever you say and do will be monitored. Remove their fingerprints by disfiguring them. Wanted for Possession of Dangerous Drugs for sale, Wanted for: Kidnapping, Sexual Exploitation of a minor, Additional Information: Tattoo on R_arm () , Tattoo on L_arm () , Scar on R_elbow (SURGICAL SCAR) , Scar on L_elbow (SURGICAL SCAR) , Tattoo on Back (BALD EAGLE) , Tattoo on Chest (LINDA AND HEART) , Tattoo on L_forearm (COWBOY UP & TIGER) , Tattoo on L_bicep (CRAZY 8 POOL STICKS) , Tattoo on R_bicep (REBEL FLAG) , Tattoo on R_forearm (TAZ DEVIL), Wanted for: Level 2 Sex Offender - Molestation of child, Additional Information: Ovidio Guzmn-Lpez is a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel. If you wish to visit an inmate, first check the schedule to find out the visitation times and the rules for visiting your inmate. Parcel ID. Singh is wanted for Probation Violation on the original charge of Sexual Conduct with a minor under the age of 18, Additional Information: Cochise County. 3. The Cochise County Jail Inmate List is a list of persons who are in jail, which includes status, bail amount, and times you can visit. To find out fees, how to's, calling times, limits on phone calls and other systems Securus has do that you can communicate with your Cochise County inmate, check out ourInmate PhonePage. Sandra Jessica Acuna To look up the detainee, users need the full legal name the person used upon their arrest and the country the person claimed they originated from. Villarreal-Hernandez is 42 years old. Cochise County Jail - Main Jail Inmate Mail Policies and Address - What Can You Send, and Where? Additional Information: Tattoos on left arm, back, chest and left hip. Tattoo on L_Shoulder () , Tattoo on Back () , Tattoo on R_arm (Fully Sleeved) , Tattoo on Chest (Heart w/name Jan Elle) , Tattoo on L_arm (Fully Sleeved), Wanted for: Level 2 Sex Offender - Molestation of child (attempted), Additional Information: Left leg - peacock, toucans, snails, and dog. He violently escaped from Honduran custody in February 2020 when approximately 20 armed gunmen in police and military uniforms stormed a courthouse where Archaga Carias was scheduled for a hearing. The Cochise County Jail - Main Jail is open 24 hours a day, however if you want to visit the facility for any reason, you should always call 520-432-7540 ahead of time to find out the best time to get your problem resolved. Elby Jessie Hars, a convicted child sex offender, is currently wanted for his alleged involvement in sexual activity with a minor girl. Wanted for Probation Violation- Original Charge of Molestation of a Child. Cochise County, Arizona. Facility Name: Cochise County Bisbee Jail: Facility Type: County Jail: Address: 203 North Judd Drive, Bisbee, AZ, 85603: Phone: 520-432-7540, 520-432-7554 Jose Rodolfo Villarreal-Hernandez, wanted for allegedly directing individuals to track and murder a man in Southlake, Texas, has been added to the FBIs Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. Additional Information: NOTE: Cardenas often has a beard and wears prescription glasses. Benson City Jail is located in Benson, Cochise County, Arizona. When you click next to the inmate's name or on a link, it will show you which jail or prison the inmate is housed in. BLOG; CATEGORIES. City of Douglas Accident Reports Cochise County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses . Inmates in Cochise County Jail - Main Jail, if they don't already, will soon have their own personal tablets for watching movies, TV shows, access to educational and and legal information, and more. Property ID 16529798. How to Send a Text or Email Message to an Inmate in Cochise County Jail - Main Jail, How to Schedule and Visit an Inmate in Cochise County Jail - Main Jail. Gonzalez Medina is wanted for Aggravated Homicide. He worked conducting management training seminars for employees of large companies. LAST KNOWN LOCATION HAS TIES TO MEXICO Wanted for: Human Trafficking; RICO; forced labor trafficking; fraud in foreign labor contracting, Wanted for: money laundering; sanctions evasion, Additional Information: Learn more about how to get phone calls from an inmate in the Cochise County Jail - Main Jail, visit an inmate and find the inmate visitation schedules, send money to an inmate and get directions for purchasing commissary items,and learn more about how to mail an inmate in the Cochise County Jail - Main Jail, review the letter writing rules and regulations, and how to address your envelopes to them. This ad hoc task force pursued the GLS conspiracy for the next four years. Sawhill also has false teeth, possibly upper and lower. Additional Information: Following Edgars death, Ovidio and Joaqun inherited a great deal of the narcotics proceeds and began investing large amounts of the cash into the purchasing of marijuana in Mexico and cocaine in Colombia. MONDRAGON-ARREOLA is Wanted For 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder. Given all this, if every person arrested demanded a full trial, forcing the Prosecutor to investigate and prepare a case against them, choosing a jury and going through the entire process allowed each person under the Constitution, which can take months or even years, the courts would be completely overwhelmed within a few weeks. Wanted for: Possession of Child Pornography; Rape of a Child With Force, Wanted for: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - Murder. GORRIN Belisario allegedly partnered with other subjects to acquire Banco Peravia, a bank in the Dominican Republic to launder bribes paid to Venezuelan officials and proceeds of the scheme. Some of the store employees were assaulted during this incident. BISBEE The Cochise County Sheriff's Office now has more than $24 million from the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to will improve radio operations between law enforcement and fire emergency services as well as provide funding for the Southeastern Arizona Border Region Enforcement team over the next five years. The agreement Cochise County approved Tuesday is not that specific and it gives Stevens some of the elections director's duties, such as presenting final election results to the board for approval. Cochise College is a public, two-year institution that serves the residents of Cochise County from two campuses and four centers throughout Southern Arizona with panoramic views of five different mountain ranges. The Cochise County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened near Naco on Thursday, Feb. 23. The Cochise County Sheriff's Office is also responsible for the public safety of the Benson, Arizona: Address: 205 North Judd Drive, Bisbee, Arizona, 85603 Phone: 520-432-9505 Directions Refer the map below to find the driving directions. Sawhill was subsequently charged in Missouri with two counts of statutory sodomy and released on bond pending a trial. Douglas City Jail is located in Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona. To send a secure email message to an inmate in Cochise County Jail - Main Jail follow these steps: For all information on how toText/Email an Inmatein Cochise County Jail - Main Jail check out ourSecure Messaging GuideforCochise County. The Benson City Jail facility runs under the jurisdiction of the Benson Police department. If your inmate has been charged but not yet convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, he or she will most likely be held inthe county detention center where the crime occurred. 4. She is believed to have fled the State of Arizona and has family in California. Also streaming on your TV: Markets Markets Deals Odd Lots The FIX | Fixed Income. If they are sent to the Cochise County Jail - Main Jail,call 520-432-7540 for assistance. Other: Mustache. A local arrest warrant was issued for Cardenas on April 3, 2020, in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County after he was charged locally with murder. This is a very long list and changes daily. People who turn in a wanted fugitive, or someone wanted by the police for questioning, may find themselves in an awkward position. At some point between December 2007 and March 2008, Saul smuggled the second victim into the U.S. and traveled to Atlanta where he continued to assault her and forced her into prostitution. Joselit de la Trinidad Ramirez Camacho, 33, a Venezuelan official, has been indicted in the Southern District of New York for violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the Kingpin Act, and other sanctions imposed by U.S. Treasury Departments Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). KANSAS CITY, Missouri In June 2005, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Kansas City opened an investigation into Giant Labor Solutions (GLS), after receiving information that two Uzbek nationals were operating a labor service business and employing illegal aliens. Tattoo on L_forearm (DRAGON) , Tattoo on L_bicep (BERET) , Tattoo on R_bicep (SPECIAL FORCES) , Tattoo on L_arm () , Scar on Head () , Scar on Forehead () , Scar on L_eye (), Wanted for: Level 3 Sex Offender - Luring a minor for sexual exploitation (attempted), Additional Information: Enroll in an account with Securus Technologies. Choose [facility_name_1}, then connect with your inmate. Wanted for: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution - Kidnapping, Murder. In 2009, Wiseman was located in Spain and extradited back to Arizona. Find your Cochise County inmate. This Cochise County Arizona Most Wanted List poststhe top 50-100 fugitive criminals on the run. Immediately call the State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section at (800) 527-8873, (508) 820-2121 , or . appear in court on the trial date. Move to a very rural area and live off the land. Inmate's NameCochise County Jail - Main Jail203 N. Judd DriveBisbee, AZ 85603 How to Send aCarepack Commissary Package Directly to an Inmate in Cochise County. Additional Information: Odilon Martinez-Rojas and Rojas-Coyotl have been sentenced to 21 years and 16 years in prison, respectively. The law is the law. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010. City of Douglas Accident Reports Cochise County Pistol . On October 14, 1993, If you need to find an inmate in another state prison system, go here. Law enforcement investigations indicate Ovidio and his brother, Joaqun Guzmn-Lpez, function in high-level command and control roles of their own drug trafficking organization, the Guzmn-Lpez Transnational Criminal Organization, under the umbrella of the Sinaloa Cartel. To search for an inmate in the Cochise County Jail - Main Jail in Arizona, use our JailExchange Inmate Search feature found on this page. prison. Of all locations in Cochise County with land for sale, Pearce featured the most land for sale. Additional Information: There are cameras everywhere now and more are coming and voice prints, biometric scanners, etc. Wanted for: 20 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, 3 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and 1 count of Escape 2nd degree in Maricopa County Superior Court, Additional Information: The answer is no. Wanted for: violation of foreign corrupt practices act, money laundering. Reward: A matron and kitchen staff of three, with the help of inmate trustees, serves nearly 600 meals daily. It is best to never discuss sensitive information regarding your inmate's pending case. The Guzmn-Lpez brothers began their narcotics trafficking careers early by inheriting relationships from their deceased brother, Edgar Guzmn-Lpez. From an economic perspective, government and state-level services contribute most to Cochise County's overall GDP. OUR CONTENT REVOLVES AROUND CRIME, ARRESTS AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. From Ballotpedia. Wanted for: Warrant for Sexual Abuse of a Child and Child Pornography, Additional Information: The crime To check for outstanding warrants, contact the warrants division of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office. He is also believed to be responsible for numerous murders in Mexico. LAST KNOWN LOCATION TIJUANA, MEXICO, OR SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA NUMEROUS TATTOOS THROUGHOUT ENTIRE BODY Whitehead was arrested in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the following crimes: sexual exploitation of children; soliciting for child prostitution; inducement of "I wanted to make sure we were a part of it. US States (36975K) Current Events (51K) Celebrity (272) Exonerated (117) Favorites (421) FBI . occurred in Richland County, South Carolina, in 2000. NOTE: All visits are recorded and whatever you say and do will be monitored. On April 2, 2018, both of the Guzmn-Lpez brothers were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in the District of Columbia and charged with one count of 21 USC Sections 959(a), 960 and 963 (conspiracy to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine, 500 grams of methamphetamine, and 1,000 kilograms of marijuana). Benson, Cochise County, AZ Overview. Omar Alexander Cardenas is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder of a man that occurred on August 15, 2019, in a large outdoor shopping center in Sylmar, California, immediately next to Los Angeles. Additional Information: On the other hand, every city and county in Arizona, plus all of the othersthroughout the United States, has individuals wanted for offenses as minor as not paying fines imposed on them all the way up to mass murder. Unless an offender has already been found guilty in court, they should be considered innocent. It was reported to Wanted for: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution Forcible Rape, Rape of a Child, Statutory Sexual Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Indecent Assault, Simple Assault, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Terroristic Threats, Corruption of Minors. Compared to neighboring county Coconino and county Maricopa it's a more dangerous . On December 18, 2002, Moller was convicted of two counts of lewd act upon a child. They get lonely being on the run and get in touch with family or friends, or go back to an area where people recognize them. His outstanding warrant for the killing a federal agent made him a particularly sought fugitive by the Feds. If you see one of the convcted sex offenders on this page who are wanted by law enforcement, give the Cochise County Sheriff a call at 520-432-7540.